After a month of leaks, the Xbox One S is finally official. And it doesn’t disappoint, giving the three-year old console a proper upgrade to better keep up with the fast-changing visual entertainment landscape.

The biggest update, of course, is 4K support, allowing users to take full advantage of the brand new 4K TVs that are starting to make their way into many living rooms. Aside from the potential future lineup of 4K game titles, that means you can also use it to play ultra-HD Blu-ray discs and stream 4K content from any supported service (Netflix, Amazon, YouTube, and so on).


Aside from 4K, the Xbox One S also supports HDR, so prepare for new games that come in the expanded color range (Gears of War 4 is first in line). Microsoft declined to give details, although getting both 4K and HDR means they likely beefed up the processors and GPUs. Despite that, it comes in at a size that’s 40 percent smaller than the original Xbox One, so you get a lot more power while getting a more compact machine. It also comes with a stand that allows you to use it vertically, making it even easier to integrate into a crowded media cabinet.

Most of the connectivity from the Xbox One is retained, although they removed the Kinect port in favor of an IR blaster (you can use a USB adapter to hook up the camera). Features include three hard drive options (500GB, 1TB, and 2TB) and a redesigned controller with improved Bluetooth range.

Now available for preorder, the Xbox One S 500 GB base model starts at $299.99.

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