Photography is a solo act—and a special one, that is. Professional photographers mostly specialize in one or dual fields of photography and persevere years to ideal their craft. But what if we try to change that? What if we put professionals of several fields together, by one journey, as one team?

You take 4 photographers: Alex Conu, an astrophotographer, Jari Peltomäki, a world-renowned bird wildlife photographer, Anne Østerby, an architectural imaging master, and Carl Johan Johansson, a shining contemporary print artist and dump them off in one of a many pleasing locations in a Nordics, a famous Lofoten Islands. Together, they will spend hours exploring one plcae after another. They will have to go over their comfort zones and rest on their premonition and insights from one another.

<!–Carl Johan Johansson
Alex Conu – Astrophotography
Anne sterby
Jari Peltomki – Birds & wildlife–>

Behind a scenes of #WAYNRTH. Photo: Janne Amunét.

This is #WAYNRTH by Olympus. Four days with 4 implausible photographers, any with their singular specialty, pity in trust and adore for photography and putting a new flagship OM-D E-M1 Mark II by a paces. We sat down with a 4 photographers to find out some-more about their experience.

Q: How would we report your personal style? How did we incorporate your personal character into this project?

Carl: My character is kind of striking and bold. Often clever and resisting colors built adult by usually a few elements. It was a plea to incorporate my character with this furious landscape, generally when you’re underneath vigour to furnish in such a brief window of time. But we looked for objects that stood out opposite a surroundings, clever colors, and symmetry.

Alex: we don’t even know if we have a personal style. When it comes to astrophotography, we try to keep all as tighten as probable to reality. we don’t like strangely colored skies, unequivocally contrasty Milky Ways or combination images. we try to do many of a work in camera.

Anne: My character is uncomplicated and minimalistic and we mostly fire complicated architecture. There wasn’t any complicated architecture, yet we consider my adore for morality and minimalism is incorporated in many of my shots. But also we attempted to pull myself to fire some-more normal landscapes.

Jari: we adore to sketch birds and wildlife and there were many opportunities on this expedition—with elk (aka moose), orcas (aka torpedo whales), white-tailed eagles, etc.
The continue was unequivocally fanciful on this expedition, and there were unequivocally complicated snowfalls and it was utterly windy. we would have favourite to stay longer in these serious conditions given impassioned conditions meant impassioned images.

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Q: Do we have a favorite print from your adventure?

Carl: Yes, we do. Before a trip, we had seen lots of footage from Norway that portrayed stately fjords and plateau with ease H2O and pleasing reflections. we knew we wanted to see and fire something similar, yet due to breezy and stormy weather, a reflections were absent. But on a proceed behind to a hotel a final day, we gathering by a fjord that was stable from a wind—the clouds were complicated and complacent on tip of a surrounding mountains, withdrawal usually adequate prominence for a eyes to know what was hidden behind them. The H2O was transparent clear and had an heated heat from a yellow weed that was flourishing by a water’s edge—and done a good contrariety to a baleful background. It was there where we finally got my rarely desired fjord shot.

Alex: Doing generally astrophotography, we would design me to have a night shot as a favorite. Well, a continue was not a best for night photography and my favorite shot was taken during daytime. It’s not a singular shot, yet a array of shots. We were pulling and, out of nowhere, there was this hill, lonesome with primitive snow, in a center of a prosaic field. At a bottom of a hill, there were some colorful lead containers (or whatever they were). For me, it was a fascinating and roughly surreal scene. we consider currently many landscape photographers usually hunt iconic places and crazy sunsets, and scenes like these are mostly neglected even yet they competence be some-more suggestive than many “epic” sunsets or sunrises out there.

Anne: we consider we have dual favorite shots from a trip.

The initial one is a shot of an aged ebbing house; we consider it’s substantially an aged barn. It looks like it would tumble detached if we usually blew on it, and it’s placed in a many pleasing surroundings—and we consider that in all other places in a world, there would be a palace in a mark instead of an aged barn.

The second one was a day we arrived during Lofoten. The object was environment and it was cloudy, so instead of a sunset, all incited blue. I’m not a large fan of impassioned color, so a blue nightfall is one of my favorite things. We were pulling and this beach appeared. We done an guileless stop and walked to this pleasing beach. we got a unequivocally uncomplicated reservoir shot from a beach with a plateau in a credentials and a man shooting. There’s a calm over a shot that we unequivocally like.

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Jari: There were many good photography opportunities during this tour. we trust my favorite shot is a white-tailed eagles in sky in complicated snowfall. It is elementary yet graphic, and there is a somewhat new proceed in a picture for me.

Q: What did we learn from operative alongside photographers from other genres of photography?

Carl: This was a good event to learn some-more about a technical aspect of photography—camera settings and such. we also schooled that calm and faith is a must, generally in wildlife photography. we also got to know how many time competence be invested in a singular shot.

Alex: Actually that’s what we favourite a many about a trip. we got a possibility to accommodate some good people and to learn new stuff. we desired listening to their stories, and we attempted hidden some tricks of a trade from all of them. Even yet I’ve been doing veteran photography for around 15 years, I’m always open to new things when it comes to photography, and we never stop learning. And when I’m in a association of such good people, we try to take as many as we can from them.

Anne: It was such an extraordinary experience, and we unequivocally schooled a lot. When we went on a RIB vessel to fire whales and birds it was a large assistance that Jari could assistance with a settings. The same goes for how to fire from a chopper or do night and astronomy photography. Sometimes it was usually a small things—have we deliberate doing this?

Jari: we contingency acknowledge that we was tender by a appetite of a immature photographers on this speed and how they got vehement by a things that we would have never suspicion to photograph! It was unequivocally moving and it done me consider about photography differently. we am certain this knowledge will uncover in my work in future!

Q: How did this plan pull we over your comfort level?

Carl: At home, we can select to go out and fire when a conditions are in my favor. When you’re out on a once in a lifetime trip, we usually get one chance. You have to be super strong and focused so it takes so many some-more appetite than usual. You also get singular time in any spot. So we unequivocally have to whet your senses to find a picture we wish and plea severe continue on tip of that. If we destroy during capturing something during home, there’s always subsequent day. That isn’t a box when you’re on a road.

Alex: we was outward my comfort section in a commencement of a trip, until we got used to a camera. I’ve never worked with a Olympus OM-D E-M1 Mark II before a trip, and we indispensable to get used to a controls and menus. But a camera is unequivocally easy to learn, and it usually took me around one hour to make it feel like an prolongation of my arm.

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Anne: we was proceed out of my comfort zone—I was substantially a one where my character of photography was mostly a challenge. we adore being challenged, so it was good experience. I’ve always looked during people who mostly do landscape and wondered how they did it. So we schooled a lot examination a others and see how they did these shots.

Jari: we am not specialized in landscape images – so it was new to me to wait for a improved light in some locations. However, it was a unequivocally useful knowledge and we trust we will put some-more bid to my landscapes in future.

Q: What’s a best photography recommendation we wish we had perceived when we were a beginner?

Carl: That no matter how many we produce, you’ll never be satisfied. You will wish to keep pulling your boundary and tip yourself with any image.

If someone would have told me that we would have to understanding with a above—and also that I’d have to accept that it competence not be probable all a time—it would have been unequivocally helpful.

Alex: we started photography when film was king, so things were a bit some-more technical than today. With digital photography, it’s a lot easier to take pleasing images but caring too many about your settings. In my opinion, a best square of recommendation a amateur should get is to not consider too many about a technical aspects of photography. Concentrate some-more on a story your photography tells than on ideal exposure. There are times when ideal bearing is indeed boring.

Anne: we consider a best recommendation is to usually shoot, and find someone who also likes photography and share a pics and give constructive criticism. In Copenhagen I’m partial of a organisation of good photographers and friends; we assistance any other with crop, editing, composition, and so on. I’m not certain we would be where we am currently but them.

Jari: Invest in good lenses! Don’t rubbish income by shopping a inexpensive lenses, given we wish to refurbish them quickly. A good lens creates a picture and keeps a value also. It creates a difference!

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