Photography topics in a headlines this week: Sony’s A7 III, a examination of a Google Clips, a dog photographer, and unpractical images in Iceland. Read on for some-more of a Very Important Photography Topics now on a minds during 500px.

1. Sony’s new A7 III is redefining basic

Sony’s new chronicle of a “basic full-frame” camera came with a array of good new features, including a backlit 24.2 MP sensor, a limit ISO of 204800, and 5-axis visual picture stabilization. Despite a reduce pricing for a full support Sony mirrorless, a A7 III has considerable facilities for a category. As camera reviewer Kai says, Sony only “redefined basic”. Watch a full examination below.

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2. Google Clips might need an update

Google’s AI-powered camera combined a innovative judgment of a hands-free involuntary point-and-shoot. While it does a good pursuit of anticipating images that occur right in front of it, a miss of pan, lean or wizz boundary a framing capabilities, that eventually leads to fewer photos taken. Maybe an updated chronicle addressing these issues could get this camera closer to a due ideal vehement seeker.

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3. Icelandic unpractical shots by Anya Anti

Anya Anti is famous for her unreal unpractical photographs. For this sold shot, Anti got desirous by a internet-famous crashed DC-3 craft during her outing to Iceland. Check out her artistic routine on a video below, and see some-more of her work on her 500px profile.

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4. The dog photographer

William Wegman spent a past 45 years perfecting his sublime photography of dogs. His singular character includes sauce and posing his dog subjects to emanate elaborate and lively shots. With his rising popularity, his dogs have had appearances on radio shows like Saturday Night Live and Sesame Street. Learn some-more in a video below.

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Being Human With a Dog Photographer from Great Big Story on Vimeo.

5. 8 landscapes that’ll make we wish to get outside, stat

Natural landscapes are a concept source of inspiration, though it isn’t easy to communicate a earthy clarity of astonishment with a photo. See some-more of these moving landscapes shots in a roundup post on a 500px Blog.

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