Photography topics on a minds this week: chilling Friday a 13th collections, photoshoot ideas, and how day jobs advantage artists. Read on for some-more of a Very Important Photography Topics that held a eye this week during 500px.

1. Friday a 13th: Fear Fest collection

Jason Voorhees, is that you? In between looking over a shoulders during 500px HQ and scanning alleyways for black cats (to cuddle, of course), we dug adult this Featured Gallery from 500px alumnus and photographer Stephanie Brown, appropriately-titled Fear Fest. You don’t have to be fallacious to suffer this chilling collection—see a full gallery here.

2. Producing your possess artistic shoots + photoshoot ideas

If you’re after photoshoots with a small reduction creep-factor, start with expert advice from 500px alumnus and photographer Bettina Bogar, in this guest contribution to a 500px Blog.

Bettina shares her tip tips for producing your possess artistic and editorial photoshoots, plus, sum some of a best simple-yet-effective photoshoot ideas that she’s constructed in a past. Read a full post here.

3. Does carrying a day pursuit meant creation improved art?

Katy Waldman seems to consider so. In a square for The New York Times, Waldman discussed a many famous artists by a ages that weren’t financially-supported by their art, for a accumulation of reasons—most interestingly, since some of them were invigorated by day jobs that didn’t revolve around a artistic process, or their possess strange art.

“Sometimes a artist needs to spin off, to get out in a fray, to stop worrying over when her imagination’s pot will boil — because, of course, it won’t if she’s watching,” writes Waldman. “Artists: They’re only like us, unless they can means not to be, in that box they still are, though doing a improved pursuit of concealing it.”

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I tend to agree. While many each artistic I’ve encountered dreams of dedicating all of their time and appetite to their craft, giveaway from a constraints of a middlingly-lucrative 9-to-5, I’ve spent some time on both sides, and have come to conclude a day pursuit for a ability to get me out of my head. The ideas that runneth over on my travel home after a full day’s work are typically approach improved than a ones we furnish after a day of staring during my artistic cup, watchful impatiently for it to fill.

But that’s my take. What do we think? Let us know in a comments—money aside, are there artistic perks to carrying a “day job”?

4. Fresh ideas for open still-life photos


If your artistic crater is still looking a small sparse, try this uninformed spring still-life tutorial from 500px Ambassador Dina Belenko.

Dina takes us by step-by-step instructions to emanate your possess chronicle of one of her signature still-life photos, packed with anniversary inspiration. Learn how to emanate a open still life with dirt and plants here.

5. Expert tips for holding improved towering photos

Finally, if plants and open are a small too chipper for your ambience (it is Friday a 13th, after all), we’ve got an expert tutorial from 500px photographer Daniël Laan. Get desirous with a collection of his signature landscape character below, afterwards learn how to constraint your possess moody, cloudy towering photos on a 500px Blog.

Did we skip any Very Important photography topics? Share your thoughts with us in a comments below!

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