Photography topics in a headlines this week: sharpened in nauseous locations, winter-warming neon light, and a Our Vision Project. Read on for some-more of a Very Important Photography Topics now on a minds during 500px.

1. Is Instagram murdering New Zealand’s iconic tree?

National Geographic reports that New Zealand’s “insta-worthy” Lake Wanaka Tree is in risk of being destroyed, interjection to new decrease H2O levels that have authorised tourists to strech and stand a tree, that was formerly surrounded by a lake. The Queenstown District Council has been forced to place signs warning tourists looking for a ideal ‘gram not to disaster with a tree.

Here’s what 500px Photo Editor Janet Weldon had to contend about a story: “As photographers we have to be wakeful of a impact we have, not usually by a theme matter we benefaction though also by a earthy movement of holding a image. To destroy a really intent of beauty we are perplexing to constraint is greedy and a tragedy.”

2. Ugly plcae plea strikes bullion again

Remember a “ugly print challenge” photographer Jenna Martin did in November, when she did a print fire in a Lowe’s? Well, another photographer picked adult a plea to good success: National Post reports that photographer Kelsey Maggart took to KFCs, gas stations and some-more in hunt of pleasing photos in doubtful places.

Here’s what 500px’s Director of Marketing Rommil Santiago desired about a story: “You don’t need a high-end studio to take extraordinary photos. This inspires me to fire nearby dumpsters.”

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3. Creatives: concede yourself to suck

YouTuber and photographer Peter McKinnon posted a video all creatives need to see: “it’s fine if we suck”. It facilities YouTuber and artist Stefan Kunz, both of whom share their thoughts on because we should emanate each day, even if a outcome sucks sometimes.

500px Content Strategist Social Media Manager Sarah Robinson desired a video: “As a creative, we rubbish so most time perplexing to ideal my ideas, vision, execution, etc. instead of only doing a thing. This is a illusory sign to concentration on a process, not a product (à la Inky Johnson).”

4. Neon signs that’ll light adult your winter

It’s winter, and fundamentally each dusk could be narrated as “it was a dim and inclement night.” Enter: this quirky gallery of neon signs, curated by 500px Designer Stephanie Juliet Algieri, to swaddle we in a soothing glow. See a full collection on a 500px blog.

5. Using art to assistance a visually-impaired

Last, though not least, check out a win-win tender Duncan Nicholls posted on a 500px blog progressing this week: a Our Vision Project. It’s an event for creatives to showcase their work, as good as assistance quarrel avoidable blindness. Learn some-more and find out how to get concerned here.

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