Uber enables people on a pierce from many opposite places and perspectives. But in a #BackseatView series, Uber shares extemporaneous moments as seen from a same indicate of view: a behind seat. Each is a picture prisoner during rides in Ubers all around a world.

We asked 500px contributors to constraint and share their possess #BackseatView practice and perceived implausible submissions from around a world. Explore these 10 #BackseatView moments taken in Ubers from opposite roads and perspectives, brought together by a behind seat.

Aleksandr Jevhuta and his perspective of a Baltic Sea:

‘Stolen nightfall in Cuba’ from Federico Ravassard

City views in Charlotte, USA by Joshua Herrera

Photographers like Rebecca Markovic spoke to life as a backseat motorist in her winning submissions, ‘Always a Back Seat Driver’ and ‘Always in a Back Seat – 2nd Edit’:

“I am 30 years aged and have never schooled how to drive. Growing adult in NYC, we never indispensable to learn. Now we live in Texas and get around with Uber all a time. Because we am always in a behind seat, we take a lot of photos of perspective from there, infrequently adhering my camera out a window. This is my indicate of view: always in a back, never in a front.”

Uber also took us to Greece with ‘Backseat perspective over Greek Island Marina’ taken during Simi Island, Dodecanese, and ‘Backseat perspective over Mediterranean sea coast’ in Rodes Island, both by Anna Ivanova:

Head behind to executive Europe with Tadeu Dreyer’s image, ‘Uber,’ taken in Sitges, Spain

A classical San Fran perspective from Alex Leung in ‘Get There’

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And finally, bringing it home to Canada with Hayden Scott in ‘Back Seat Views,’ taken in Vancouver, Canada.

Article source: https://iso.500px.com/uber-contributor-quest-winning-backseatviews-around-the-world/

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