During a family holiday on January 1st, two friends decided to dress their sons up as young monks. They were visiting the Er Fo Temple in Hechuan, Chongqing and thought it would make for a brilliant photo opportunity. While the 1-year-old and 3-year-old respectfully ventured through the peaceful place of worship, the older boy’s dad, Zhou Lu, had his camera ready to capture the boys with their shaved heads, traditional garb, and prayer breads. Lu was especially happy with the snapshots because they reminded him of characters from the popular Chinese movie Monkey King is Back.

Once the photos were shared with various news outlets, these two little boys became an online sensation. They quickly gained the nickname “cutest young monks.”

MonkBoys2 MonkBoys3 MonkBoys4 MonkBoys5 MonkBoys6 MonkBoys7

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