Here’s a demeanour during a tip 10 photos we desired many that were uploaded to 500px this week, curated by a 500px print editors. Read on to find out because these overwhelming shots held a eye.

What a print editors loved: “This food shot achieved a categorical charge of food photography, it creates a mouths water! The colors and tones, plus, a pleasing light, creates this one of a tip picks of a week.”

What a print editors loved: “This shot has good elements, composition, colors and movement during a same time. The photographer did a good pursuit capturing a unequivocally stressful impulse and creation it demeanour interesting.”

What a print editors loved: “We adore this minimal shot! Great use of color-contrast and reflections. But what creates it engaging is a triangular figure that yellow buoys create. This is combination during a best.”

What a print editors loved: “There are so many engaging elements in this print and it is has been executed perfectly. Adding props to a mural can rouse it and make it mount out.”

What a print editors loved: “We adore a tones on this one, it has a dreamlike peculiarity to it. Fantastic use of bokeh.”

What a print editors loved: “We unequivocally like this still moment, generally a thoughtfulness and how a H2O is rippled by this ominous lion! We all need to splash some-more water, right?”

What a print editors loved: “There are certain locations on earth that are overwhelmingly pleasing and immense, and when we try to constraint it in a photo, a formula are not a same—but Isabella managed to do it. The post-processing on this one is also outstanding!”

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What a print editors loved: “If this shot doesn’t make we wish to burst on a craft and revisit this beautiful place, we don’t know what will. Great composition, unequivocally healthy tones with comfortable sunlight—yup, I’m sold.”

What a print editors loved: “This straight shot prisoner a vibrancy of Times Square, finish with a colors, lights and a good framing with a yellow cab in a foreground.”

What a print editors loved: “This is such an intriguing shot, it roughly looks like a James Bond film still. Is a theme perplexing to locate us or is he perplexing to get to a surface?”

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