Red Bull Photography recently assimilated a village with a accurate code form of their own. This partnership isn’t only about extraordinary photography — it’s also about extraordinary stories. Behind each shot on Red Bull Photography is a gifted photographer, a furious story, and a few lessons learned. We’ll be revelation those stories each week here on 500px ISO and a Red Bull Photography website.

There’s something stirring about saying movement sports played out during night. Sure, sporting events hold in arenas and stadiums are accustomed to night events, a fast-paced universe of movement sports, though, gets an additional jar of fad when a moon is watching. Maybe it’s simply only that a minds have been lerned to associate sports like wakeboarding and motocross as something we perspective with a object overhead. But examination as cars speed by and athletes jump by a atmosphere with a feverishness of splendid spotlights forked their way, a play of sports played out opposite a backdrop of a night sky is clear. Scroll down to see how Red Bull athletes possess their sports during any time of day.

Daniil Kvyat racing in Austin, Texas, USA. by Kelly Schwarze on 500px

Team Steal 17 contest in Ice Cross Downhill during Red Bull Crashed Ice in Munich, Germany. by Kelly Schwarze on 500px

Escape a glow by Kelly Schwarze on 500px

Superman by Kelly Schwarze on 500px

Geoff Aarons practising in Perris, California, USA. by Kelly Schwarze on 500px

Randy Townsend during Red Bull Night Riders in Jacksonville Beach, Florida, USA. by Kelly Schwarze on 500px

Horacio Llorens Performing During a Aurora Borealis in Tromso, Norway. by Kelly Schwarze on 500px

Team Alpine Rockets and Team Living a Dream contest in Ice Cross Downhill during Red Bull... by Kelly Schwarze on 500px

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