The Wilhelm family (aka. the Photoholic family) has been getting into some truly crazy adventures for years now—from octapus attacks in the tub, to breakfast time madness, to touching moments between sisters.

The man behind the Photoshopping is John Wilhelm, who shows his unconditional love for his wife and kids by inserting them into the craziest, most insane situations his imagination and Photoshop skill can come up with.

You’ve probably seen some of his original work, but if you haven’t checked in with the Wilhelms in a while, here’s a look at what they’ve been up to for the past year or two:

John tried out the Paparazzi lifestyle.

While the girls did their part to help out the local wildlife.

Breakfast time got much more efficient. It went from this.

To this.

Everything wasn’t perfect though. There was a teensy Viking rebellion.

And a thorny encounter with some roses.

It’s alright though, because John and Co. reached 50,000 Facebook likes! John decided to celebrate by getting his first tattoo from the local badass.

Then had the local accountant take care of the taxes.

John’s passion for photo gear started to infect the rest of the family.

But it hasn’t kept the girls away from other artistic endeavors… like jenga:

Late night painting sessions.

And sisterly bonding over an iPad.

Not to be left out, the youngest got in on the action too, with a little bit of slug love.

And they finally taught their oldest how to make breakfast for the parents! Sadly, it did not go as planned…

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Of course, this is just a smattering of the adventures the Wilhelm Photoholics have been getting into lately.

To see them all and keep up with the Photoholics (way better than keeping up with the Kardashians…) give John a follow on 500px, check out his website, and give him a like on Facebook.

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