Tomorrow is a new moon, that means a skies are dark—ideal for photographing a night sky. It’s also ideal timing for Tanner Wendell’s 500px Class “Photographing a Night Sky.” To get we inspired, we’ve put together a gallery of photos of a favorite landmarks as seen underneath a stars. Scroll down and marvel during some of a many monumental sights, from a iconic Horseshoe Bend in a Grand Canyon to Scott Base in Antarctica.

Keyhole Arch in Pfeiffer Beach, Big Sur, California

Temple of Moonlight by Michael Shainblum on

Death Valley, California

Fragment of Time by Michael Shainblum on

Joshua Tree, California

Joshua Tree Milky Way by Serge Ramelli on

Horseshoe Bend, Grand Canyon, Arizona

An Evening during Horseshoe Bend by Rick Rose on

Arches National Park, Utah

Double Arch during Night by Jeri Peier on

Mount Rainier, Washington

milky way. mountain rainier. washington. by Tanner Wendell Stewart on

Mount Assiniboine, Canada

Boine Again by Timothy Poulton on

Lake Moraine, Alberta, Canada

Moraine Lake during night by Andrey Popov on

Mont Megantic Observatory, Quebec, Canada

OMM - Mont Megantic Observatory by Sébastien Trudeau-Dion on

Oahu, Hawaii

Amazing Milky Way in Hawaii by Jen Johnson on

Volcano Nevado del Ruiz, Colombia

Vulcano Nevado del Ruiz by Jonathan Duriaux on

The Cup, Parana, Brazil

Vila Velha by Guilherme Cavassin on

Torres del Paine, Chile

Hand Of God by Timothy Poulton on

Toledo, Spain

Eternal Witness by Ander Alegria on

Tenerife, Spain

Tenerife by Max Rive on

Castillo de Zafra, Guadalajara, Spain

Diagonals by Miguel Angel Martín Campos on

Wexford, Ireland

Hook by Libor Klímek on

Drei Zinnen, Dolomites, Italy

Dolomites by Max Rive on

Castle of Monolithos, Saint Pantaleon, Rhodes, Greece

The nunnery by Philippos Philippou on

Sólheimasandur, Iceland

Glorious mutilate by Gavin Duncan on

Deadvlei, Namibia

Deadvlei by Dany Eid on

Chedi Thien Yok in Chiang Rai, Thailand

Milky Way during Pagoda by Anucha Siwilaikul on

Lake Dumbleyung, Australia

Celestial Bridge by Michael Goh on

Lake Ballard, Australia

Lake Ballard by GC Photography on

Ross Island, Antarctica

Scott Base View by Joshua Swanson on

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