For those with a green thumb who simply lack the space to grow plants, it’s best to think upwards instead of outwards. Hanging planters can be tricky, however, and often require hardware in order to suspend them. Designer Hooman Koliji has solved this problem with Livi, a colorful “creature” that doubles as a quirky planter that can adhere to nearly any vertical surface.

Livi uses 3D printing technology and recycled materials to produce a colorful container with an insect-like body and legs. It sticks to the wall thanks to innovative nanotechnology, using micro-suction pads to create a vacuum when pressed against smooth, clean walls or glass. Windows are a perfect place to put Livi and you’ll know your plants will always have enough sunlight. One Livi planter is charming on its own, but two or three in different colors would make a spectacular addition to an ordinary view.

Koliji and his team are currently raising funds for Livi’s production through a Kickstarter campaign.


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