Photographer Shatters Reality With This Mind-Bending Image


What would a serene body of water look like if someone were to shatter it into a million pieces? Good question. That’s what we found when photographer and master illusionist Erik Johansson brought a cool concept to life, with a Hasselblad H5D-40 and 17 pieces of mirrors.

“This is an image I’ve been working on for the past months. I wanted to create an image where a lake is breaking up as a mirror,” Erik shares in his 500px caption. “I wanted to make the effect look as realistic as possible, so I decided to buy 17 square meters of mirrors last summer and brought out the mirrors, a boat, and the model to a stone-pit.”

The result? This epic photo that captured our imagination—and blew our minds.

Watch the timelapse video below to get an in-depth look at how he pulled the entire photo shoot off. Get ready to see a lake like you never have before—shattered into a million tiny pieces!

Since the very beginning, Erik has always wowed us with his surreal point-of-view and deft technique to photography and art. Even on his bio, he advises our community to, “Keep it surreal!”

With this in mind, we gathered some of our favorite works that he has shared with us over the years. Scroll down, take your creativity to the next level, and get inspired with his reality-defying world:

To see more of his heart-stopping work, follow Erik Johansson on 500px, or visit his website.

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