At 500px, we know plcae can make or mangle glorious photography. That’s since we teamed adult with Peerspace, that boasts thousands of singular and affordable spaces for photographers to crop and book opposite a United States. Together with Peerspace, we comparison 5 500px photographers to fire their possess print array and gave them full artistic permit in some of a many moving spaces in a U.S. This is a initial of 5 series, from photographer Gina Vasquez.

The photographer

My name is Gina Vasquez, and we am a unpractical mural photographer formed in New York City.

Credit: Gina Vasquez

The style

As shortly as we saw Peerspace’s Williamsburg/Brooklyn Graffiti Backyard location, we knew we had to emanate a array that would element a art already in a space—the lines and colors were so dynamic! we wanted to contrariety a urban, synthetic studio with a healthy form of a tellurian body, that is energetic in a possess way. To communicate that clarity of energy, we chose a dancer, Jemma, to be a model.

Credit: Gina Vasquez

The Peerspace experience

Working in a Peerspace plcae was a good experience, quite since of a staff’s helpfulness. The confidence ensure reserved to us, Adam, set us adult and connected us with electricity in a outside area in box we wanted to use it. He also came to check adult on us via a fire to see if there was anything we needed.

Credit: Gina Vasquez

The remoteness of a space was key, and a ideal brew of object and shade done it fun to work in from a photographer’s indicate of view. There were also a far-reaching accumulation of areas to fire within a space, including opposite murals, a staircase, greenery, and an alleyway. we rarely enjoyed my knowledge and would really do it again.

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Credit: Gina Vasquez

The series

The story of Taking Flight is about flourishing adult and anticipating your possess voice in a world. It centers on a immature dancer that is literally and metaphorically training to fly. we wanted a judgment to inspire communication with a space to assistance showcase a location, and in turn, to use a plcae to assistance stress a story. As result, a dancer’s movements mostly respond to a graffiti and counterpart a lines within a space.

Follow Gina Vasquez

Instagram: @ginaaballerina

For some-more discernment into a space and a creation of a series, check out a behind-the-scenes photos from Gina’s shoot:










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