At 500px, we know plcae can make or mangle glorious photography. That’s because we teamed adult with Peerspace, that boasts thousands of singular and affordable spaces for photographers to crop and book opposite a United States. Together with Peerspace, we comparison 5 500px photographers to fire their possess print array and gave them full artistic permit in eye-catching spaces opposite a U.S. This is a third of 5 series, from photographer Nick D’Andria.

The photographer

My name is Nick D’Andria, and Atlanta is my perpetually home. we fire only about anything, as we try not to extent myself. But I’ve taken adult lifestyle and blurb work in a final year—it’s a good approach for me to work with brands and people to assistance move a story to life.

The style

Photography allows me to demonstrate my thoughts and ideas but observant anything: a print speaks for itself. we got into photography as a elementary approach to request my bland life, as we wanted to be means to delight some-more than only a memory. To this day, we suffer being means to constraint a life that goes on around me. After all, there’s a story to tell in each image.

Nick D’Andria

The series

The goal of this plan is to communicate how an artist can openly demonstrate themselves while in a state of solitude. The atmosphere in that we work is a critical member to a artistic routine and a design we generate. The space we chose reflected a clarity of comfort and warmth—it emulates solitude, in that an artist is giveaway to create.

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Props were a pivotal member in this shoot. we had my troubadour (Riley) poise with elements reflected her possess artistic routine as a painter, like brushes, paints, and even her design itself. Combining these equipment combined an ideal sourroundings to constraint an artist in solitude.

Nick D’Andria

The gear

For this shoot, we stranded with my reliable Canon 6D, interconnected with a Sigma 24mm f/1.4 and a Canon 50mm f/1.4. These are my go-to lenses for their flexibility and palliate of mobility. Sigma potion interconnected with a Canon physique has always resulted in glorious picture peculiarity for me, as good as a good sharpened experience.

The Peerspace experience

The naturally-lit studio brought each tone and fact to life. Pairing that with a carefully-selected backdrop, we was means to constraint a brighter side of things, so to speak.

Nick D’Andria

Overall, it was a unequivocally gentle and permitted space for us. Being means to have entrance to only about any studio appendage was a good feeling, and unequivocally ensured we could govern my ideas swiftly. Cam Kirk Studios totally catered to my artistic needs, from lending a assisting palm to being entirely invested in what we as their customer was operative on.

Nick D’Andria

Follow Nick D’Andria

Instagram: @nickdandria

Plus, check out a behind-the-scenes photos from Nick’s fire for a closer demeanour during a space and a creation of a series:













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