At 500px, we know plcae can make or mangle glorious photography. That’s because we teamed adult with Peerspace, that boasts thousands of singular and affordable spaces for photographers to crop and book opposite a United States. Together with Peerspace, we comparison 5 500px photographers to fire their possess print array and gave them full artistic permit in eye-catching spaces opposite a U.S. This is a third of 5 series, from photographer Lauren Naylor.

The photographer

I’m from a tiny city in Florida called Palm City. we started holding photos when we was in high propagandize with an aged 35mm camera. At first, we shot a lot of double exposures, travel signs, and clouds. When we started holding self-portraits, we detected my adore for capturing people as against to objects or landscapes. Next thing we knew, we was double-majoring in photography and studio art in college.

Credit: Lauren Naylor

The style

There’s something so fulfilling in capturing a immeasurable operation of tellurian emotion; we are so complex, nonetheless so similar. we consider partial of a reason I’m so drawn to people is that I’m on a consistent hunt for meaning—in my possess emotions and a abyss of feelings we as humans all share.

Credit: Lauren Naylor

The gear

I fire with a Canon 5D Mark III and 3 opposite lenses: a 24-105mm, 50mm, and 85mm. we like gripping my print rigging as elementary as possible, and adore collecting things from qualification and hardware stores to use for in-camera effects. For instance, my favorite thing to use is a square of plexiglass that we reason in front of a lens: it creates a unequivocally dreamy, contemplative effect.

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Credit: Lauren Naylor

The series

This series, entitled ‘Daybloom,’ is a story about light and figure with impulse from a late
french painter Matisse. Together with my art executive (and studio partner, of Nightdove Studio) Claire Quest, we combined a soothing tone palette of organic shapes in several mediums to place a theme in an airy, dream-like environment. Claire also combined a extraordinary backdrop!

My recommendation for other photographers is to come adult with a judgment that conveys a design both visually and thematically, and afterwards devise it to a tee! Create a moodboard of inspirational images. Nail down what you’ll need to furnish a shoot, like tone palette, materials, props, styling, location, etc. That approach we consider of all before a shoot, and there’s always room for extemporaneous sorcery that happens while shooting.

Credit: Lauren Naylor

The Peerspace experience

Light played a critical role, as we wanted a array to feel easy by heavier emotions and
tones. The Peerspace studio we shot during was perfect, as it had copiousness of healthy window
light for a backdrop set, and a darker area divided from a windows where we were means to use
artificial light to plan shapes onto a model’s face. The space was outrageous with an
awesome accumulation of opposite credentials options.

Credit: Lauren Naylor

Thank we to Peerspace and to my extraordinary group for creation a array happen:

A Nightdove Studio prolongation – // @nightdovestudio
Art Direction Set Design: Claire Quest – // @clairequest
Makeup: Marlu Soria – // @marlusoria
Model: Kat Ginsburg – @katginsburg

Follow Lauren Naylor

Instagram: @lnaynay

Check out a behind-the-scenes photos from Lauren’s fire for a hide look during a space and a creation of a series:






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