At 500px, we know plcae can make or mangle glorious photography. That’s given we teamed adult with Peerspace, that boasts thousands of singular and affordable spaces for photographers to crop and book opposite a United States. Together with Peerspace, we comparison 5 500px photographers to fire their possess print array and gave them full artistic permit in some of a many moving spaces in a U.S. This is a initial of 5 series, from photographer Amanda Carlson.

The photographer

I’m creatively from a Chicago area, though vital in Seattle during a moment. My father gave me my initial 35mm film camera when we was in high propagandize and common his possess photography stories, like how he got his initial camera when he went to a Vietnam War. we was preoccupied and took my initial film category when we was 15, afterwards after became a photojournalist during my university newspaper, that got me meddlesome in people and transport photography.

The style

Today, we adore sharpened all from transport to inlet and street, though we would contend we specialize in people and portraits. we trust any chairman has beauty in them, a same approach that any chairman has a story to tell. we essay to constraint a tender beauty of people in a many healthy setting, that is given we use healthy light for all of my photos. we consider of it like a approach we see someone we love: we see that chairman in a many pleasing light. Everyone has a ability to adore and be loved, and we try to move that out in any particular with photography.

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The gear

My rigging is zero fancy: we use a Canon 6D with a Sigma 50mm 1.4 for all my portraits. we like to use elementary things for props, and things that we can gleam light by to make opposite shapes. In this shoot, we used a bullion sequence belt to paint emotions that can tie we down or lift we up, a pasta sieve with round holes, a pot placemat, cosmetic hang (I used that over a lens), and a mist bottle mister. we found all of these props during my internal preservation shop—you finish adult with a lot some-more singular equipment when selling there.

The Peerspace experience

Peerspace is one of a initial brands I’ve worked with and they have been amazing! The studio we used in Seattle looked prosy from a outside, though when we got into a space, all non-stop up. It had outrageous windows that showed off pleasing healthy light—even some-more so given we got there during 6:30am.

The sheer, flowy fate were a good hold and helped set a mood, along with a dim hardwood floors. The engagement routine was a breeze, and all a photos of a space were unequivocally accurate. It was a tiny studio though had a ton of personality, even with minimal furniture. The fan was also useful to have given it’s full-blown summer in Seattle now.

The series

“Self-reflection is a ability of humans to practice introspection and a eagerness to learn some-more about their elemental nature, purpose, and essence.”

Every chairman has feelings of confidence, insecurity, fighting for something more, doubt, enlightenment, etc. In this series, we prisoner opposite emotions that any chairman goes by during self-reflection. The bondage are used to paint how an tension can possibly close we in or assistance we see a larger light to lift we up. The space was a ideal backdrop for bringing these feelings to life: it had a ideal light and mood, and a pleasing timber floors and plain walls unequivocally authorised a theme to gleam as a categorical focus.

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