No photographer is an island: that’s a defining thesis of a new eBook, “The ultimate beam to flourishing your photography network.”

Professional relations are pivotal to success in photography—whether you’re a pro or a hobbyist, a amateur or an expert, we all need motivation, support, and superintendence to make a many of a artistic potential.

Here during 500px, we know a value of community. So we tapped 7 pro photographers to share their consultant recommendation on building a veteran network: Lindsay Adler, Jared Polin, GMB Akash, Jeremy Cowart, Andrew Kearns, Mark Del Mar and Réhahn. We’ve gathered their insider tips and knowledge into a free eBook to assistance commission ardent photographers. Download your giveaway duplicate here.

Here’s an mention from “The ultimate beam to flourishing your photography network“:

Lindsay Adler suggests amateur photographers find out dual forms of mentors:

1. A photographer with a abounding business. This coach will assistance we know what it takes to settle yourself and build a successful photography career.

2. A photographer whose work we adore and respect. This chairman will assistance we improved know technique, vision, style, and other artistic elements of a craft.

If we can find a coach that fits both descriptions, all a better! New photographers should keep in mind that mentorship is a commitment, records Lindsay. It’s some-more than only assisting someone out, “it customarily means a longer loyalty to any other and a low enterprise to assistance one another attain in their possess way.” Shooting off a discerning email seeking someone how they got a certain shot isn’t a best approach to encourage that relationship.

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