Whether you do it in a tent, in your car, or on the bed of a pickup truck, sleeping while camping is never the most comfortable affair. You just give up a lot of the usual comforts you tend to enjoy from home. Chief among them? A really comfortable mattress. The LaidBack Pad wants to have you covered on that end.

An ultra-plush memory foam mattress, it gives campers a really comfortable bed that, judging from Amazon reviews, you just can’t get with any other sleeping pad in the market. The catch? It rolls up to a pretty big 24 x 12 inches (length x diameter), so it’s not exactly the most compact gear for those who like to travel light. For car campers and, uhm, glampers, though, this sounds just about perfect.


The Laidback Pad uses a triple-layer #4 memory foam for its cushion, with a soft polar fleece top for extra warmth and a removable 600-denier polyester cover. When fully laid out, the pad measures 72 x 24 x 2.4 inches (length x width x thickness) – just the right size to accommodate a single sleeper. It weighs 8.5 pounds, which should be light enough to carry by hand or strap on a pack for short distances. The cover of the pad, by the way, is made with water-resistant fabric, so there should be no trouble laying this down in damp conditions, although it isn’t waterproof, so you might want to avoid carrying it out in the rain.


Available now, the LaidBack Pad is priced at $209.

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