Back in February, we committed to delivering a some-more community-focused platform. Since then, a whole organisation during 500px has been operative tirelessly to pattern and build useful facilities to assistance we amplify your personal code and bond with like-minded creatives. After large hours of brainstorming, coding, and beta-testing, we’re vehement to offer we a glance of what we’ve been operative on!

500px approach messaging


You asked, we listened! Last week, we started rolling out 500px approach messaging to Pro+ and Pro users. Today, we’ll be expanding a use to all users with an Awesome membership, as good as to a many active giveaway users. Direct messaging will be accessible to everybody on Jun 4th.

We’re vehement to exhibit a new approach for we to bond with other photographers, nearby and far, on a deeper level. With approach messaging, we can discuss with your favorite 500px photographers about how they took that print we love, where they many like to shoot, a rigging they recommend, and more. You can start conversations by acid for their username, or by clicking ‘Message’ on their profile. Stay tuned for a organisation discuss chronicle of follower to hurl out in a subsequent few months.

Updates to a print fact page


This summer, you’ll notice several changes to a print sum page. We wish your work to be showcased in a best probable light, and shown to a right audience—so we’re stealing some of a distractions from print pages, and creation it easier to find out some-more sum about any photo.

Refreshed home feed + Discovery + profile


We’re also tough during work on several other projects to assistance make your 500px knowledge some-more seamless. These include:

  • An updated home feed knowledge that will softened discharge print bearing on a platform: we wish to safeguard that 500px photographers get a bearing they deserve! We’re also improving personalized print recommendations, so you’re always saying a form of calm we want.
  • A simplified Discovery experience, that will concede we to simply navigate to a form of calm we wish to explore.
  • An softened form blueprint that ensures 500px is a best place to showcase your work, plus, a new activity record on profiles, that will concede users to check out what photographers they follow are adult to in a community.
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Updates to a Privacy Policy and Terms of Service

We’ve updated a Privacy Policy and Terms of Service to be in line with a European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation. Read some-more about a Privacy Policy and a Terms of Service changes.

Stay tuned for some-more sum on a new launches and features. And, if we have any suggestions or ideas to assistance urge a knowledge of a community, greatfully let us know.

Main photo: Apostolos Boulogiannis

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