Yes, playing on a 40-inch TV or a 35-inch curved gaming monitor provides enough visual candy to make most gamers happy. If you prefer being fully-immersed in your games, however, then we guess the bigger the picture, the happier you’ll be. That’s exactly what the BenQ Gaming Projector brings to your arsenal.

Built specifically for gaming, the AV rig boasts low input lag and ultra-fast DMD response times, ensuring you can enjoy fast-paced games with neither delay nor motion blur. Simply put, you won’t be caught seeing a hostile too late in your favorite FPS if you’re viewing the game on this thing, both from the picture’s sheer size and the speed in which everything refreshes.


The BenQ Gaming Projector can throw images up to 300 inches (diagonal) in size, although they recommend capping the size at 120 inches to make sure the picture is crystal clear. It shows pictures in full 1080p resolution, with 15000:1 contrast ratio and 2200 ANSI lumens of brightness, so the images should be just as good as when playing on a TV. An integrated 20-watt stereo system provides immersive audio along with the action, with boosted bass and treble sounds to really kick up the aural delights.

Features include enhanced field of view (36 to 70 degrees wider than most TVs), two picture modes (which automatically adjust based on the light in the room), and a short throw function (just under five feet from the wall to get a 100-inch picture). It comes with a unique color management tool that allows users to customize gain, saturation, and hue of six colors to enable the best visual experience for gaming.

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Available now, the BenQ Gaming Projector is priced at $999.

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