I’ve been a flattering vast astronomy nerd for a while now, and I’ve been propitious adequate to constraint a northern lights on mixed occasions as good as some stunning universe shots. we adore a thought of being so tiny in a universe; it creates me feel like I’m partial of something special when we constraint it.

The solar eclipse had been on my mind for some time, though we couldn’t utterly land on a right approach to constraint it. we knew we indispensable an engaging foreground—and what improved intent than a many iconic pitch of Toronto, a CN Tower. With how fast a materialisation starts and ends, we knew formulation was going to be key. This is where we had record on my side.

I’ve been formulating timelapse videos for a final few years and perplexing to get improved during a formulation stages. we started regulating a desktop chronicle of Google Earth to pre-plan my shots. It allows we to substantially transport around anywhere during any time of a year—you can even see a position of both a object and a moon.


For this shot we set a date to Aug 21 during 2:31 pm, that is when Toronto’s perspective of a obscure was ostensible to peak. we walked around mixed areas in a downtown core, though with how high a object is currently, we satisfied we was going to have to be roughly subsequent a building in sequence to get it in a frame. we landed during Front and Simcoe as my position and went to go operation it out.


The longest telephoto we had in my arsenal of potion was a Sigma 70-200mm, and we knew that wasn’t going to cut it, so in a weeks heading adult to a eventuality we found an extraordinary understanding on a Sigma 50-500mm f/4.5-6.3 DG AGO OS super wizz that enclosed a Sigma 2x Teleconverter—1000mm during my fingertips!

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I ventured to a plcae a few days before a eventuality and took some exam shots to dial in bearing and see what kind of operation we could get.


I snapped this on my Sony A7sII full-frame camera though still wasn’t happy about a distance of a sun, and didn’t wish to have to wizz and stand in post, so we motionless to use my stand sensor Sony a6500 for a final shot, that effectively gave me a 1500mm reach.

There was a grill right where we wanted to fire from, so we finished a reservation for one of a outside booths and asked accede to fire a obscure come Monday. You’d be astounded about a things we can get if we only ask nicely.

How we Got a Shot

This was my initial try during sharpened an eclipse, and there were a garland of technical issues that we had to get around. First of all, a object is REALLY bright. we wasn’t means to get solar filter in time (approx 20 stop light reduction), so we had to make due with my ND1024 Super Dark filter from Syrp. The front component distance of a 50-500 is 95mm, and anticipating a step-down ring is a lot harder than we think, so we had to do my best “Macgyvering” with a assistance of a devoted friend: oldster tape.


Everything on my camera was flattering many maxed out:

  • f/90 (yes, this lens goes adult to an startling f/90)
  • 1/4000th shutter
  • ISO 100
  • ND1024 entirely closed

A tripod was pivotal for this form of shot. At 1500mm even a smallest transformation produces a vast volume of quivering down a lens. Even during such a high shiver speed, we still used a 2-second self-timer on a camera, nonetheless we was substantially jolt some-more than common from fad (haha).

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I prisoner a accumulation of shots and exposures via a phenomenon, though we knew that we would have to be compositing several images together to get a outcome we was after. There’s simply no approach to constraint forehead elements while still exposing for a sun, and we unequivocally wanted to uncover off a aspect edges of a moon, a ripples from a atmosphere, and a bit of hardness in a object itself.


I afterwards fast non-stop adult my orifice all a approach behind to f/11 and slowed a shiver to 1/1000 so that we could display a CN Tower properly. This shot was a result.


I non-stop these dual images into Photoshop and used a accumulation of consistent techniques to even a bearing and concede people to see what a tellurian eye cannot. It’s been humorous see this picture posted around and a few of a comments people are throwing behind during it: “FAKE!” “PHOTOSHOPPED!” It really treads a line of being unbelievable; a biggest thing people find tough to trust is a distance of a sun. I’ve been perplexing to teach people on a engaging thought of support compression. At 1500mm this shot is totally possible, though until cameras can have a energetic operation past 30 stops, capturing an picture like this though a assistance of Photoshop won’t be possible.


My subsequent obscure idea is to transport to South America in 2019 and try to constraint a assemblage eventuality so we won’t have to comp anything together.

Check out some-more of my work on Instagram and feel giveaway to leave a criticism or DM me any serve questions we might have; I’m happy to answer them!

About Jon Simo

My name is Jon, though many people call me Simo. I’m a calm creator from Toronto, Canada, and I’ve flattering many had a camera of some form or another in my hands given we was a child. I’m a cinematographer by trade, though we find that print and video go so hand-in-hand; they enrich any other, and we consider being a clever photographer helps my cinema projects. we consider photography is one of my favorite addictions. A lot of people tell me to put a camera down and only suffer a moment, though they destroy to know that this is how we suffer a moment. we feel like a lens in an prolongation of my possess sight, and it feels like something is blank if we don’t have a constraint apparatus by my side, either it be a DSLR, 35mm film camera, drone, 360 camera, or a smartphone.


My character treads a line between a surreal and reality; we like to use special techniques to make my images something some-more than a candid capture. I’ve recently finished dual cross-Canada trips: one was capturing artistic calm for Samsung, and a other was a cinematic documentary of a brewery roving from Vancouver to Toronto with their new brewing equipment. Travel inspires my photography so much. we always make time to do 3 personal trips a year; it keeps my creativity high and my mind clear. As we write this, I’m on a layover en track to Alaska to keep that journey going.

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