500px Studio, a multiplication of 500px, was launched with a idea of formulating absolute imagery for tellurian brands while joining photographers all over a universe with paid opportunities to do what they love.

As we grow, so does a need to find some-more photographers that emanate a glorious work a clients trust us to deliver. 2017 has been a illusory year for 500px Studio and 2018 is looking even better—so if you’re a freelance photographer meddlesome in operative with eminent brands, we wish to hear from you!

Current opportunities

Interior photography
We are actively acid for photographers to work with us on a vital interior photography plan from Jan to Apr 2018. We are looking for freelancers that can dedicate to sharpened adult to 2 assignments per week, for a generation of a project. This plan requires photographers to constraint images of hotel properties while following specific artistic guidelines. Up for a challenge? Get more information here.

Credit: Joe Mortimer

Lifestyle and product photography
We have a series of projects designed for 2018 that will need trendy, vehement lifestyle, portraiture, product, and editorial content. You can apply directly to a register here. Best part? If you’re authorized for a register though don’t fire lifestyle/product genres, we will still have entrance to other assignments in your area that compare your education and ability set!

Shooting with 500px Studio

Do what we love!

We know that violation into certain markets and securing opportunities with large clients is difficult, severe work. And we can’t repudiate that connectors are a cause in removing certain forms of gigs—but we can help, by giving we a approach line to assignments with vital brands. For an overview of a forms of assignments a photographers shoot, check out a case studies.

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Credit: Joe Mortimer

You call a shots

As a 500px Studio photographer, we get to confirm that assignments we wish to take on. Opportunities will be accessible to we formed on your plcae and ability set, we’ll share a sum about a range and pay, and we get to contend yay or nay. It’s as elementary as that!

Work as small or as most as we want

Since we call a shots, we get to confirm how most time we wish to deposit in completing assignments with us. Some of a clients might usually have a singular assignment, while others might have adult to 20 assignments per project. Working with us on assignments via a year is a good approach to fill your report during low-season months.

Credit: Joe Mortimer

Diversify your portfolio

The forms of assignments we offer are utterly diverse: a clients have requested images in a series of genres and categories, including interiors, fashion, lifestyle, portraiture, product, corporate, transport and editorial. There’s truly something for everyone.

Be artistic and take charge

Since we work with a accumulation of clients, a assignments camber from low-volume and high-production to high-volume and low-production. Some of them need full retouching, while for others, all we have to do is fire a picture and submit—no post work required.

Have we irritated your interest?

We’re always looking for new talent to work with, and we inspire anyone who’s meddlesome to apply to a roster. It doesn’t matter if we are a seasoned pro or a part-time freelancer; if we have a portfolio to behind adult your skills, we wish to have we on a roster! Apply here.

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Article source: https://iso.500px.com/discover-photography-assignments-500px-studio/

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