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#ColorMeProud: 6 photographers uncover their Pride by photography


June is Pride Month in Toronto; a time to applaud a LGBTQ village and a values that Pride represents: equality, love, and respect. We’re unapproachable of any writer that shows their Pride by a appetite of photography on 500px, and we wanted to showcase it.

Meet #ColorMeProud: a new campaign, that recognizes 6 of a favorite photos (one for any tone of a Pride flag!) from a 500px community. Each print represents a suggestion of Pride, highlighting diversity, inclusion, and jubilee of a LGBTQ village in a possess singular way.

Check out a #ColorMeProud photos below, and learn some-more about a opposite aspects of Pride that any shot represents, in a photographers’ possess words.

Red: Eivind Hansen

“I was anxious to group adult with makeup artist @umberghauri to sketch an insinuate impulse between dual friends who have risen to recognition in a London odd scene: eminent Black trans opening artist Travis Alabanza (@travisalabanza), and venerable gender-non-conforming artist ALOK (@alokvmenon)—for Paper magazine.”

Orange: Laura Ferreira

“When we consider of Pride, we consider of love, strength, beauty, and diversity—but we also consider of a onslaught to be supposed and accepted. There’s a good volume of strength in those who select to be a voices of change, and we admire their courage. This indication in Technicolor is a clever figure—a beauty layered in textures of dim glitter, gems, and smoke.”

Yellow: Angela Perez

“The perceptions of a universe can make us feel like we are drowning in a sea of expectation.

If I’m a happy man, we should act and dress a certain way, a lesbian, a opposite way. What is on a outward is what depends in a society, regardless of either we feel like someone else on a inside. These thoughts can vanquish anyone who is struggling with their identity.

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However, we like to review those expectations and thoughts to these balloons: there might be many, and they might cover a partial of me, though they can be changed or even broken entirely. we can do something about them if I’m dauntless adequate to quarrel my approach out.

The colors paint what means a many to me. Yellow is traditionally a tone of joy—if wish has a color, it should be yellow. And pinkish has come to be famous as a delicate color, though it is also a tone of love. Not usually regretful love, though self-love, too.

In a LGBTQ community, adore for yourself can be a hardest to reason onto, generally in a universe that seems dynamic to fit everybody into a box. we wish that one day things will change, and people will be seen for who they are, instead of what others wish they were.

I wish everybody to know that wish and adore can be universal, and that not usually is disproportion not a bad thing, opposite views and practice can usually heighten us.”

Green: Valentina Jirafa

“As homosexuals, we have had to quarrel for centuries to be respected: violation by stigmas and domestic / eremite stipulations that transgress on a polite rights by not permitting us equal entrance to marriage. My ideal universe is one though discrimination, though fear, though a need to urge oneself or to quarrel so tough for a right to be who we are—a universe where beings are not so separated, though instead, where we simply dedicate ourselves to swelling adore and a definition it adds to a lives.”

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Blue: Rob Woodcox

“This judgment is a jubilee of strength, life, and all things feminine! This fire was a smashing sign for me of a vitality of village and nature, and how critical it is to move them together as mostly as possible. So often, a society’s bent is to compete, pull any other away, and to give into a poisonous clarity of masculinity—while presumption that delicate appetite is weaker, regardless of whichever gender we brand as.

As humans, we all have elements of a manly and delicate appetite within us, and as a some-more feminine-identifying happy individual, we wish to applaud that appetite and a appetite of femininity within this photograph. Don’t be fearful to welcome all tools of who we are: a passions, desires, and dreams within we are what creates life value living.”

Purple: Yannis Guibinga

“This picture explores a intersections between race, culture, and gender performance. In many cultures opposite a globe, group and women are not afforded a autocracy to truly demonstrate themselves since they have been approaching to live a certain kind of life from a impulse that they were born. Thankfully, some of these people have found a strength to live authentically—despite a hardship they might face on a daily basis—and persevere to be loyal to themselves and their feelings. This picture explores a idea of being defiantly unapproachable of who we are in a universe that really mostly tells us not to be.”

Upload your Pride photos to 500px with a tab #ColorMeProud!

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