When you’re in a routine of perplexing to emanate something impactful, it’s critical to take a step behind to applaud what drives you. This is something that our group of 37 people try to incorporate into all we do during 500px.

Recently, we’ve had a heads buried in a laptops (don’t worry, we came adult for air), tough during work on a goal to emanate a best knowledge for a photographers. But it’s not picturesque for us to spend time building 500px but being desirous to get out and take photos ourselves. So we motionless to tighten a computers and get behind to a roots, immersing ourselves in a reason we all adore operative during 500px: photography!

To take advantage of a summer weather, we recently packaged adult a DSLRs, film, and phones to take photos as a group on Lake Ontario, not distant from 500px HQ in downtown Toronto. We wish we suffer a photos we took—they’re 100% desirous by you, a community.

Credit: Stephanie Newell, PR and Community Manager

Credit: Martin Klapetek, Android Developer

Credit: Michael Tighe, Web Team Lead

Credit: Katherine Wellman, Marketing Manager

Credit: Sarah Robinson, Content Manager

Credit: Annie Halim-Paulionis, Operations Analyst

Credit: Rebecca Weir, Operations Manager

Now it’s your turn! You still have another month of summer, we’d adore to see what’s moving we to get out and shoot: upload your photos to 500px with a tab #500pxSummer. We can’t wait to see what we create!

Article source: https://iso.500px.com/behind-the-scenes-500px-hq-summer-photo/

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