Manik and Ratan are a pair of twins based in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Both brothers are graphic artists, cartoonists, designers and animators. They both also have an adorable pet dragon named Drogo who interacts with real life objects. The adorable Drogo even has a Facebook fan page where you can follow him in his adventures.

The brothers draw Drogo on paper interacting with real life objects like a hair dryer, stacks of coins, a taxi cab and even the dreaded Nokia phone.

Drogo pop balloon

Drogo pet

Drogo gets vaccinated

Drogo picking up

Drogo in love

Drogo in a bottle

Drogo snuggle sleep

Drogo xmas

Drogo resting

Drogo hungry

Drogo scared

Drogo tired

Drogo bite me

Drogo gifts

Drogo eye drops

Drogo hanging around

To follow Drogo’s adventures, follow This is Drogo on Facebook. You can find Manik’s other drawings via Behance or Instagram.

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