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A Night in a Life of Edo Zollo, Nighttime Street Photographer


Edo Zollo is distant from a usually travel photographer in London. The bustling city is packaged full of them. But while 99% of these photographers spend their DAYS photographing London, Edo spends that time sleeping. He shoots a city not during a day though in a diminutive hours of a night, capturing a opposite side of London entirely.

Every day, around 8pm, Edo is looking over his map of London determining what area he will spend this night exploring. By 9pm he’s on a tube. By 11 he’s walking a streets, sport for crips lines, engaging light, pointy shadow, and fugitive moments of symmetry.

Scroll down to spend a night in Edo’s shoes, exploring London with both his dog and camera in tow.

night catwalk by edo  zollo on

A Day Night in a Life of a London Street Photographer

6 A.M. we only got home. I’m now unequivocally exhausted and prepared for bed. we am examination a initial organisation of people going to work, it kind of feels good to go home while a rest of a city wakes up.

7 A.M. I go true to my mechanism and start downloading my photos from a night before. It’s a painfully prolonged routine of delete, delete, and undo some more. Sometimes we can be my possess misfortune critic, we always consider we can take a improved shot…

8 A.M. I am still awake, all a inexpensive coffee we drank isn’t assisting me feel sleepy, so we watch a news as we eat breakfast.

love is in a atmosphere in London by edo  zollo on

9 A.M. I am finally prepared for bed. One final check on my emails, and one some-more turn of replies to a comments left from my supporters on amicable media. we am always vacant by a certain feedback we get; in all honesty, we can’t see what they can see in my photos, and nonetheless their comments keep me going and encouraged to take improved shots.

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10 A.M. Goodnight (or is it goodmorning?)! It has been a prolonged night and we wish to get a integrate hours of sleep. Sleeping in a morning is not an easy task: it’s bright, noisy, and my physique time is a bit messed up. But we have to try.

11-4 P.M. Sleep.

alone in a large city by edo  zollo on

5 P.M. I am entirely awake, re-checking and modifying photos and removing prepared to take my dog for a good prolonged travel in a park. we am feeling many some-more certain than we did this morning during 7. we consider we indeed have some good element here, it only need some modifying and afterwards it’ll be prepared to go online.

6 P.M. I’m in high spirits! Photos have been comparison and edited. we like to let my work lay for a day and demeanour during a photos with a uninformed mind a following day.

walk by edo  zollo on

7 P.M. I am removing vehement to go out again. This dusk is going to be a amiable night, and we am holding my dog with me; we like to travel around London with my dog, a good companion.

8 P.M. we am sitting in my vital room looking during a London map, considering that section we am going to try this evening. we have been vital here for a past 15 years, though there are still areas that we haven’t been to before! we have motionless on a location, so we start make-up my stuff: camera, lens, laptop, dog’s coat, leash, and food for a both of us.

9 P.M. We are on a tube streamer out… we feel shaken and excited. London during night is a unequivocally opposite place from what people are used to during a daytime. It’s many calmer, some-more spacious; there are reduction people, and nonetheless a people we see during night are not required a people we would wish to spend time with. Hence because we am always clever where we go…

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dancing all night by edo  zollo on

10 P.M. we have arrived during my selected location. Before we get a camera out, we like to travel around a area: it helps me to bond with a surroundings, check a lights, shadows, buildings, and people. Wandering around helps me to tune-in with a environment, afterwards we will take my camera out.

Usually my camera is pre-set. This helps me to locate a moments we am looking for though hesitation. we always fire on Manual (M) mode, with a 50mm lens set to around f/1.8 or 2.

11 P.M. we am dependant to shadows and lines. we can’t explain why, though we unequivocally adore lines and symmetry, so my eyes are constantly looking for it. Once found, I’ll wait for a right light and theme to come by my selected scene.

eating alone by edo  zollo on

12 A.M. we am inspired and so is my dog, so we are acid for a 24/7 coffee shop, and let me tell we what good spaces these are. The throng is routinely done adult of night workers (mostly blokes), some homeless acid for a place to rest, and several “mysterious” people (rich looking group and immature lady wearing parsimonious brief clothes…).

I tend to spend an hour or dual celebration coffee and chatting with others. The good thing about carrying a dog is that it helps people proceed you; this is not required always a good thing, though we am never left though someone to speak to.

1 A.M. we am still during a café downloading some of this evening’s photos on my laptop, doing some discerning editing, and pulling some out. It feels good to share my photos right afterwards and there with other night owls.

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2 A.M. we have left a café and am exploring a area a bit more. we feel some-more assured and connected with a vicinity by now, so my camera feels like an prolongation of my hand… we am only shooting.

simmetry by edo  zollo on

3 A.M. My appetite turn is starting to drop. It’s not easy to be watchful a night, and as many as we suffer doing this, there are times that we wish we could be normal like others: have a 9-5pm job, eat a dish during 6pm, watch telly until 10pm, afterwards off to bed. we skip that lifestyle sometimes.

4 A.M. It is coffee mangle time again. It’s removing colder and we need to comfortable up, and we wish to download some photos to my laptop and start removing prepared to go home.

5 A.M. we am headed behind home after spending many of a night erratic a streets of London and sitting in 24/7 coffee shops celebration inexpensive coffee. Rinse and repeat…

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A large interjection to Edo for pity his knowledge of London during night. It’s got to be one of a some-more engaging Day in a Life posts we’ve published!

If we adore Edo’s work, we’re vehement to share with we that his night London photography is appearing for a initial time ever in print book form in only dual days time! The book is called In a Dark of Night, and we can preorder it now by clicking here.

And if we wish to follow Edo as he creates some-more work, follow him on 500px, revisit his website, or uncover him some adore on Instagram.

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