Stunning inlet and spot-on lighting creates for an implausible photo. For a Seeking Light in Nature Photo Quest with Olympus, we asked we to contention your best photos of moments that featured light in nature.

Congratulations to a 3 gifted photographers who won a tip prizes! Check out a winners below, as comparison by Olympus.

1st place went to Péter Hegedus for his print “Together.” He won an OLYMPUS OM-D E-M1 Mark II, and a Profoto B1 To-Go Kit and an Air Remote TTL-O.

Péter gives us a story behind a shot: we finished my print “Together” of wildflowers named pulsatilla. These flowers freshness each open in a small encampment nearby, where we go hiking. The pulsatilla is a really photogenic plant since a whole flower is lonesome with hair, that protects a flower from a night ice specific to early spring. This flower is toxic; that’s since it is not advisable to rip it off or hold it. To take this photo, we used a Sigma 150-600mm telephoto lens during 600mm since of a revoke abyss of margin and softer background. Unfortunately, this flower is seen reduction and less. we wish we can find this “little family” subsequent open too…

2nd place went to David Thompson, for his print “Bluebell Woods.” He won an OLYMPUS OM-D E-M5 Mark II, plus, a Profoto Collapsible Reflector Sunsilver/White, and a Collapsible Reflector Translucent.

David gives us a story behind a shot: The print was taken in Micheldever Woods, nearby Winchester in Hampshire, UK. we had finished several visits to this location, though quite wanted a early morning shafts of light as they came by a new expansion on a trees and strike a runner of bluebells. Timing was critical to get a light in a right position, and also a expansion of a bluebells. we used a Nikon D3S with 24-70 f2.8 lens. Some post-processing was finished in Lightroom to raise a colours of a bluebells, and to revoke a highlights from a extreme, early morning sunlight. we have always desired bluebell woods, and on this occasion, it was really advantageous that all seemed to work for me. However, a print like this does need some investigate into continue conditions, and before visits to establish a expansion of a flowers.

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3rd place went to Sander outpost der Werf, for his print “Finally!” He won an OLYMPUS PEN-F, plus, a Profoto Collapsible Reflector Sunsilver/White.

Sander gives us a story behind a shot: At a finish of a famous Laugavegur route in Iceland, my partner and we stayed during a camping site Húsadalur in Pórsmörk for dual nights. we had seen a intensity of this obvious hilltop doing online investigate during home. Being means to sketch here was one of a bonuses of hiking a Laugavegur trail, and we wanted to make time to do it. With days and days of implausible amounts of rain, 0 visibility, and dual food packages we had sent by train that disappeared, we hadn’t had a best fitness on a outing adult to then. On a fourth outing to this mountaintop (I went adult dual times for sunset, once for sunrise, and once on a route run) we held this magnificent, golden sunset. Since we had been there before, we knew accurately a right mark and what to do. we set a remote timer, got on a shallow and took a lot of shots. we steady this routine a integrate of times. we consider this is a best shot. It was taken with a LEE .75 soothing class ND filter. we double-processed it in Lightroom and blended a dual opposite exposures to a singular picture in Photoshop.

For some-more good shots of light in nature, check out a honest mentions below:

Did we skip this Quest? Check out a arriving Quests here, and contention your best photos for a possibility to win good prizes!

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