500px invites Studio Contributors and name batch contributors to contention to themed ‘Contributor Quests’ in an bid to foster and commend a network of gifted photographers. Our initial Contributor Quest prisoner a energy of running—read on to learn some-more about a photographer and a winning shot.

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About a photographer:

My name is Hayden Stinebaugh, and I’m located in Detroit, MI. we got started in photography around my beginner year of college, when we was personification around with a family member’s DSLR. Eventually, we got so into it that we purchased my possess entry-level camera and motionless to take on photography as a teenager grade during school, while majoring in striking design. By my youth year of college, we knew we wanted to pursue photography fully, though finished out a pattern grade to have both. we did some internships in a Detroit area and started removing my name out there, and subsequent thing we know, we was operative as a freelancer full-time.

The story behind a shot:

My acquiescence to a 500px Studio ‘Jog It Out’ Contributor Quest was an picture we took during a fire for Lululemon; we were in a Eastern Market area of Detroit. we used a Canon 5D Mark IV and a Canon 24-70mm f2.8 chronicle II lens for this shoot. The judgment wasn’t too in depth, we knew we wanted a purify transformation shot.

When it comes to photographing people, we like to keep a backgrounds flattering minimal. we don’t like when a credentials competes for courtesy with a subject. we will contend that when we fire jaunty imagery, we always have this thought of Nike imagery in a behind of my mind. we consider about those epic using shots that unequivocally showcase quick movement. It’s also critical to take into comment a walk of a runner—leg position can make or mangle these images.

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The best partial of a shoot:

What we desired a many about this fire was a loose environment. I’ve turn friends with a lot of a Lululemon people, and these shoots are customarily flattering laid back. Most of a time, a artistic instruction is left adult to me, that is nice.

Follow Hayden:
500px: 500px.com/haydenscott
Website: www.haydenstinebaugh.com
Instagram: @Hayden__scott

Article source: https://iso.500px.com/studio-quest-jog-it-out-hayden-stinebaugh/

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