500px invites Studio Contributors and name batch contributors to contention to themed ‘Contributor Quests’ in an bid to foster and commend a network of gifted photographers. Our second Contributor Quest prisoner a appetite of jumping subjects—read on to learn some-more about a photographer and a winning shot.

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The story behind a shot:

The best stories in life are mostly unplanned, and this one is no different. we had only finished sharpened a few weddings and had singular time left before a ‘Jump’ Contributor Quest deadline. So we met adult with a crony and internal graffiti artist that had only finished a meeting.

Without any props or special backdrop, we started a shoot, regulating a garments he had on and a book bag he had brought with his supplies. It reminded me of high school: he was wearing ripped jeans and a Tommy Hilfiger t-shirt and looked as yet he was streamer to class. we was desirous by a morality of it all. We rushed to a internal university in city and started looking for areas that would unequivocally set a tinge and emanate a storyline.

We came opposite some stairs with a vituperation in a center of it and abounding section walls in a background. We motionless to fire spontaneously—an movement / lifestyle shot; someone rushing to class. With a bookbag in one hand, he used his other palm to propel him over a railing, capturing a coercion of this storyline—the “dash to class.”

After a few takes in a midday summer heat, we had prisoner a series of plain shots. we used a Sony A7RIII and an 85mm 1.8, that is a same multiple we use for all of my lifestyle, commercial, and editorial work.

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The best partial of a shoot:

What we desired many about this was a lesson: it is so easy to get smitten with a newest equipment, flourishing clientele, and minute concepts and ideas, though zero beats simple, extemporaneous sessions like this one. It reminds we because we started your qualification in a initial place.

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500px: jhampden1
Instagram: @jhamp_photography

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