We’re anxious to announce that 500px is an central exhibitor for a 22nd Annual Scotiabank CONTACT Photography Festival. For a whole month of May, a windows during 500px HQ will showcase a print array “GLITTERBOY,” combined by acclaimed artist and 500px photographer Quil Lemons, and shown for a initial time ever in North America.

“GLITTERBOY” shatters singular definitions of temperament and a policing of black masculinity with a simple, ethereal instrument: glitter. We’re unapproachable to horde an muster that encourages leisure of expression, inspires new generations of photographers to consider differently, and uses creativity to mangle barriers. As 500px’s VP of Community, Dustin Plett, put it: “That’s what art should do.”

Learn some-more about a boundary-pushing exhibition, and a artist behind it, in a disdainful QA with Quil Lemons below.

1. Who is “GLITTERBOY?”

Quil Lemons: A Glitterboy is a black masculine who expresses himself freely, though inhibition. Black masculinity is distant some-more formidable than a mainstream representations. This plan declares to a universe that black group can't and should not be boxed in to one portrayal—there is so most beauty that mostly gets abandoned or repressed. “GLITTERBOY” highlights that marginalized body; it says to a world: “You can be flattering or feminine, and we can still be a manly black man. Whatever creates we feel assured is a pristine countenance of who we are.”

2. What does “GLITTERBOY” represent?

QL: An ignorance that mostly gets overshadowed. Black group need to be told that they too can shine. we motionless to do a array of black boys wearing gleam given in a media, we don’t unequivocally see black boys experimenting with anything that’s deliberate “feminine,” or embracing themselves in that way. Shooting a plan wasn’t dictated to be a rebel or domestic act; it was an act of self-expression. But one fast realizes how polarizing these images are, given of a stigmas placed on these bodies.

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3. Where do we get your impulse from?

QL: This muster was really shabby by Prince, Frank Ocean, and Donald Glover, all of whom pushed a account of what a black masculine open figure should be. we conclude them for all that they are. Though, we consider impulse comes from a lot of places. A lot of a art we emanate comes from my possess lived experiences, as we find myself and my voice as an artist.

4. How has your life altered given we expelled your initial instalment?

QL: This plan forced me to spin central to figure out who we am and who we wish to be. “GLITTERBOY” is my baby! Right now, I’m finishing adult sharpened a second partial of a series—it’s bittersweet saying a plan mature, though I’m happy to see it be enshrined. we feel like it was an paper to my younger self, who would have benefitted from saying these images as he was traffic with a thespian years of adolescence.

“GLITTERBOY” was my introduction to a universe as a creator. I’ve grown so most in a past year—I theory I’m adult-ish now—as I’ve watched this plan grow, and now holding a possess on a streets of Toronto. we wish that by my work, we can keep changeable perceptions of what is deliberate acceptable. I’ve perceived so many kind difference about this plan that have warmed my heart. we wish to continue to emanate work that resonates and creates people feel like themselves.

5. This plan hurdles race, masculinity, and gender stereotypes. Why was this an critical thesis for we to address?

QL: we felt like this thesis had been tiptoed around for distant too long. It’s bizarre to me that black group embracing femininity is noticed as taboo. we had a feeling that we wasn’t a usually one who felt that way, so we wanted to take assign and pronounce on it.

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Glitterboy - Quil
Quil Lemons

About Quil Lemons

A 20-year-old artist formed in NYC, Quil Lemons is a photographer behind “GLITTERBOY.” He is ardent about severe a standing quo by his art. Quil is grounded in his artistic and personal identity—and what that means for a spaces that he occupies. Quil is ardent about expanding and formulating space for bodies of tone within a artistic community.

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Article source: https://iso.500px.com/glitterboy-contact-photography-exhibition/

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