Photographers know that golden hour, a time shortly after morning and usually before sunset, produces warm, intense light that’s ideal for any genre of photography.

For a Golden Hour Quest, we asked for your best photos capturing a enchanting qualities of this time of day and we weren’t disappointed. We perceived a far-reaching operation of submissions: resplendent cityscapes, stately wildlife, and comfortable and graceful portraits. In a end, it was a peculiarity of light and monumental breathtaking perspective in Rossano Ferrari’s landscape print “Dolomites Sunset Time” that done it a winner.

What a decider desired about this photo: We had so many superb submissions for this Quest, though a leader knocked it out of a park with this pleasing scenery of a Dolomites in Italy. There so many pleasing colours and tones in this photo, he clearly picked a ideal time and plcae to constraint this stately view.

Rossano common a story behind a photo: we took a winning print during Tre Cime di Lavaredo. The residence we can see in a forehead is a Locatelli hut, where we slept with my son. we mostly expostulate to those places (about 5 hours divided from my home) to demeanour for engaging subjects to shoot. we was looking for a overwhelming nightfall during Tre Cime di Lavaredo for a prolonged time, and finally, we was propitious adequate to find a best conditions. we took a print around 8:30 PM, from a tiny and slight ledge. At that indicate of view, there is usually space for one chairman and his tripod. This print is a outcome of an overview of 3 HDR shots horizontally.

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Let a golden light of a finalist photos rinse over we below:

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