Cover photo: Bridal by Keshav Maharjan

June outlines a commencement of marriage season, a time when many communities will applaud a fasten of dual people in a new life together.

From South Africa to Nepal, these marriage moments prominence a different etiquette that symbol this poignant arise around a world.

Scroll by a latest gallery to see a work of extraordinary marriage photographers capturing all a tension and movement of a large event. Whether it is a elementary or elaborate affair, these marriage cinema constraint a day to remember.

“Ladakhi Bride” by Roman Mordashev

Ladakhi Bride by Roman Mordashev on

Untitled by Arda Gelgec

Untitled by Arda Gelgec on

“Off to a weding” by Heema Rai

Off to a weding by Heema Rai on

“ukuGida (the protocol dance)” by Lwazi Mashiya

ukuGida (the protocol dance) by Lwazi Mashiya on

“Wedding Bells” by Teddy Kubheka

Wedding Bells by Teddy Kubheka on

“Bridesmaids waiting” by Faye Blanshard

Bridesmaids watchful by Faye Blanshard on

“african women gathering” by Gábor Basch

african women entertainment by Gábor Basch on

“Wedding in a Old City of Sanaa 04” by Abdulrahman Jaber

Wedding in a Old City of Sanaa 04 by Abdulrahman Jaber on

“Bidai” by Nitin Sharma

Bidai by Nitin Sharma on

“Wedding day” by Gitesh Gupta

Wedding day  by Gitesh Gupta on

“Fantazia Ryder – 2” by Amine Fassi

Fantazia Ryder - 2 by Amine Fassi on

“Love is in a Air | Weddings by JK Creatives” by Jithesh Kumar

Love is in a Air | Weddings by JK Creatives | by Jithesh Kumar on

“Shower” by Fahad Farook

Shower by Fahad Farook on

Untitled by qnapaki

Untitled by qnapaki on

“Vietnamese normal Wedding” by LOHE Bùi

Vietnamese normal Wedding by LOHE  Bùi on

“Shinto Priest, Japan” by Adam Lewis

Shinto Priest, Japan by Adam Lewis on

Untitled by Love Ideology

Untitled by Love Ideology on

“*Bride” by Avismita Bhattacharyya

*Bride by Avismita Bhattacharyya on

“Palembang’s Bride” by May Rahmansyah


“AfricanQueen” by Khamadi Ojiambo

AfricanQueen by Khamadi Ojiambo on

“Behula.” by Afzal Khan

Behula. by Afzal Khan on

“Bridal” by Keshav Maharjan

Bridal by Keshav  Maharjan on

What are your favorite marriage photos? Share them in a comments below!

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