Marco Grassi, innate and lifted in a northwest of Italy, is an endowment winning photographer focused on landscape and transport photography, a 500px Brand Ambassador as good as a photography instructor. Next week, Marco will be training photographers how he works with object to emanate his overwhelming landscape photos in his initial 500px Class: Understanding Natural Light. But first, he shares his bucket list of tip favorite around a universe that “every landscape photographer should revisit during slightest once.”

Long before we bought myself a camera, we was a transport addict—and, as we was starting out with photography, we unexpected satisfied that my camera would turn my car to transport a world, try unimaginable locations, and constraint pleasing pictures.

In a past 4 years, I’ve done my approach by several countries, and while I’m distant divided from carrying seen a whole world, these are some of a places I’ve visited that should be on everyone’s bucket lists and that each landscape photographer should revisit during slightest once.



1. El Chalten, Argentina

Lakes, rivers, mountains, glaciers, and many more. Say one thing and many expected El Chalten has it. This place is a bliss for each landscape photographer—no consternation photographers from all over a universe keep visiting this plcae over and over again.

When we took this picture: mid-April, during a spring.

2. Valensole, France

Near a little encampment of Valensole, in Southern France, there are dozens of lavender fields. As distant as your eye can see, there are purple fields in each instruction along a road, infrequently followed by sunflower fields. This place is a feast for a eye and a good photography location.

When we took this picture: commencement of July, during a summer.

3. Milford Sound, New Zealand

New Zealand is substantially one of a many pleasing countries I’ve ever visited, and Milford Sound is one of a tip destinations. This pleasing fjord is situated in a South Island and has been sincerely named by Rudyard Kipling a “eighth consternation of a world.”

When we took this picture: finish of March, during low tide.

4. Xingping, China

China has some of a many illusory wonders of a world, and while it is customarily underrated, it is unequivocally a must-see country. Being so outrageous creates it formidable to revisit it all, though a Karst mountains of Xingping should unequivocally be on your bucket list.

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When we took this picture: commencement of November, during a autumn.

5. Taranaki, New Zealand

I’ve always desired a reflections of mountains, and this place in a Taranaki segment is unequivocally one of my favorite spots. It’s utterly a plea to be means to see this bashful towering since of a memorable clouds, though when we do see it, we comprehend it was value a wait.

When we took this picture: finish of January, during a winter.

On a side note: You need during slightest one full day to strech this small pond, as it takes adult to 5 hours by travel to get there and back, and still a towering could be lonesome by clouds or a breeze could blow adult a reflection. An choice to this design of Mt. Taranaki could be a one taken from a Surf Highway 45 where a Cape Egmont Lighthouse is.

6. Dolomites, Italy

Speaking of mountains, a Dolomites are among a many pleasing ones. Autumn is a enchanting time of a year to revisit this area of Italy; it is not too cold and a villages are surrounded by pleasing tones of yellow, orange, and red.

When we took this picture: commencement of November, during a autumn.

When visiting a area make certain to make a stop during Tre Cime di Lavaredo, one of a mark that has done a Dolomites so famous.

7. Antelope Canyon, USA

It’s implausible how absolute inlet is and what it can create. Antelope Canyon, situated in Arizona, is one of a many illusory container canyons of a world. The colors and a figure of this place are unimaginable and it offers many print opportunities.

When we took this picture: commencement of June, during a summer.

8. Wharariki Beach, New Zealand

Hidden behind immature hills inhabited by sheep lies Wharariki beach. Photo opportunities everywhere and a silt dunes that approximate a area make it even some-more beautiful.

When we took this picture: mid-April, during low tide.

9. Cinque Terre, Italy

Cinque Terre means “five lands” in Italian. In fact, there are 5 villages that make adult this zone: Riomaggiore, Manarola (picture below), Corniglia, Vernazza, and Monterosso, all of them picture-perfect. This is one of Italy’s many unreal and photographed areas, though also unequivocally crowded. Make certain we revisit it during a low deteriorate and equivocate a summer months (June to September).

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When we took this picture: commencement of December, during a winter.

On a side note: If we wish to shun a crowds, there are other little and reduction famous villages tighten to Cinque Terre that are only as beautiful. Tellaro is one of those—a genuine gem value a visit.

When we took this picture: mid-November, during a autumn.

10. Mt. Cook, New Zealand

Mt. Cook is New Zealand’s tip towering and a good plcae for landscape photographers. The whole expostulate to get there is flattering scenic, though when we strech it and get on a trails, some-more wonders wait you!

When we took this picture: mid-March, during a spring.

11. White Pocket, Arizona, USA

The city of Page in Arizona is a ideal bottom for visiting a world-famous Antelope Canyon and Horseshoe Bend. But when visiting a area, there’s another mark reduction famous and value a visit. White Pocket looks like an visitor planet: it has twists; multi-color striations of white, yellow, red, orange, and pink; pockmarks, pools that infrequently fill with water, and a transparent starry sky.

When we took this picture: finish of May, during a finish of spring.

12. Great Wall, China

There’s a reason a Great Wall is one of a 7 wonders of a world. Pictures don’t give it adequate justice; this site is something over expectations. There are many sections we can select from to photograph. The Jinshanling territory (pic below) is one of a best. Don’t skip a morning on tip of a wall; it’s a utterly and poetic impulse for cinema as good as a life-changing experience.

When we took this picture: mid-September, finish of summer.

13. The Old Man of Storr, Scotland

The Isle of Skye in Scotland is one of a many pleasing locations for photographers, mostly since it has an unusually high thoroughness of opposite landscapes. One of these is a Old Man of Storr, a vast apex of stone that stands high and can be seen for miles around. The perspective from a tip of a lane is only fantastic.

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When we took this picture: mid-October, during a autumn.

On a side note: On a approach to a Isle of Skye, it’s value creation a stop during a Glenfinnan Viaduct, where we can have a possibility to sketch a famous steam train.

When we took this picture: finish of October, during a autumn.

14. Gasadalur, Faroe Islands

At a corner of a high precipice unaware a sea rises a little encampment of Gasadalur. Of all a waterfalls I’ve photographed, this one is unequivocally one of a many stunning. The place is monumental and intensely photogenic.

When we took this picture: commencement of August, during a summer.

15. Tuscany, Italy

The Italian segment of Tuscany is good famous for a sensuous and unconstrained immature hills, and Val D’Orcia is a best place to suffer such a bucolic view. If we wish some some-more reasons, your post-photo-shooting craving will be rewarded with tasty food and wine.

When we took this picture: mid-May, during a spring.

16. Wanaka, New Zealand

This waste tree rises from a transparent waters of Lake Wanaka, in New Zealand, and creates for unequivocally surreal scenery.

When we took this picture: finish of March, during a spring.

17. Torres Del Paine, Chile

No other towering operation can be confused with a stately Torres del Paine in Chile. These plateau have unequivocally sold shapes and colors and make a ideal theme for pictures. The whole inhabitant park is implausible and unequivocally diverse, and it deserves to be on tip of everyone’s bucket list.

When we took this picture: finish of March, during a spring.

On a side note: There are copiousness of pleasing corners to sketch in Torres Del Paine National Park. If we have adequate time to go trekking, we competence wish to check out Las Torres and Grey Glacier both good print locations.

When we took this picture: finish of March, during a spring.

Are there any extraordinary place you’d supplement to this list? What are your tip destinations? Share them in a comments below!

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