I remember a initial time we saw an underwater photograph. It was by Toronto photographer Barbara Cole. we don’t remember a images by name, though we do remember a dreamlike peculiarity that submerged me into a new mania of perplexing to reconstruct that same painting/dreamlike transformation in my possess work. At a time, we was a 19-year-old OCAD photography tyro who couldn’t means all of a underwater rigging for my camera, though propitious for us photographers who wish to fire underwater, there have been some extraordinary strides in record that make removing an underwater camera most easier now.

To enthuse we to get started with underwater photography, I’ve put together a collection of underwater photographs from up-and-coming photographers on 500px, as good as some camera recommendations:

Olympus TG-2
Nikon Coolpix AW100
Olympus Stylus Tough TG-4

To perspective a full Gallery, check it out here! we supplement new photos to it as we come opposite them.

Dive into a low finish and start sharpened your possess underwater unreal photos. Don’t forget to upload them to 500px and discuss me (@steph_juliet) so we can see them! Also, if you’ve shot underwater and have some camera rigging recommendations, be certain to discuss them in a comments.

Stephanie Algieri is a Product Designer for 500px. With a Bachelor’s Degree in Photography from OCAD University and a Certificate in Graphic Design from Humber College, Stephanie now works to emanate suggestive practice for a photographers on 500px. In her gangling time, she creates Galleries of pleasing photos from up-and-coming photographers on 500px, in a hopes to offer them a bearing they deserve.

Article source: https://iso.500px.com/15-photos-explore-underwater-photography/

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