Sports photography is all about capturing a action, athleticism, group spirit, and clarity of foe found in earthy activities.

For a Sports Quest, we were propitious to have 500px Ambassador and gifted sports photographer and executive Duncan Nicholls as a Guest Judge. We’ll let him take it from here.


There was so most accumulation in a submissions, not usually in terms of a sports represented, though also a techniques used and a emotions expressed. Some entries focused on a favourite in a arena, while others demonstrated a loyalty and passion in sport. There were pleasing shots that stepped behind and prisoner a beauty of a competition within a overwhelming landscape, or that used clever geometry in a composition. we desired a cinematic cultured of a images taken underneath synthetic floodlights during night.

So to everybody who entered, who stepped adult and showcased their prophesy and ability (both in a constraint and also a edit), appreciate we and good work. Your adore of sports and sports photography, as good as technical skill, shone through.

I could make a really clever box for selecting any of my tip 10 finalists as a winner—each shot captures an hint of powerful, emotive sports photography—but my winner, after most deliberation, is “Angliru” by Alvaro Campo.

Along with many other attributes, this print captures a major tension of joy: a fun of achievement, a fun of competing. It’s a really special moment, not usually for a athlete, though also for a spectators. It shows a tie and fun common with them. So in this respect, it also captures because those who adore sports do so. Perhaps it’s a indebtedness for a loyalty and scapegoat any contestant relates to strech a limit of their sport. we consider this shots eludes to what’s probable when we pull by a possess limitations, and for all these reasons this one is my winner. Congratulations, Alvaro!

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Get desirous by a gallery of runners-up:

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