Color, symmetry, and combination are only some of a good elements we can concentration on when holding photos of reflections. For a recent Quest, we asked we to contention your best photos of reflections, and a formula were stunning.

The winning design was Joan Gamell’s “Pyramid in a puddle.”

Pyramid in a reservoir by Joan Gamell on

Meet a photographer: “I picked adult photography early in my childhood—I was always gnawing cinema with several compress film cameras—but it was not until my teens, in 2004, when we started training a primer settings and experimenting with them, interjection to my dad’s Nikon D70. I’ve been self-learning photography given then.”

Joan gave us a story behind a photo: “I took this design in Hoatling Pl., a tiny alleyway in San Francisco right in front of a Transamerica Pyramid building. It only rained a integrate of hours before, and we beheld a thoughtfulness in a reservoir by chance. Thankfully, we had my camera during hand. Post-production was rotating a shot and adding some contrast.”

Want some-more artistic ways of capturing reflections? Check out a runners adult below.

Fishing to Xing Ping Village by fabrizio massetti on

Reflection of beauty by Aibek Akhanov on

Mount Taranaki by Aaron Jenkin on

Morning silence... by Krzysztof Browko on

Silence by Rekha Garton on

The Past Whispers by videophotoart com on

A photographer by Chaiyun Damkaew on

The small crocodiles of Germany by Björn Reibert on

Just a solidified lake by John Wilhelm is a photoholic on

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