Sometimes we want to get something to eat that is truly decadent. This can mean either that the food is incredibly rich and tasty or it can mean that the decadence comes from the amount of money it takes to buy these things. If you are really, really wanting to get decadent food that is among the most expensive in the world, you’re also going to want to know where to get this kind of food. Whether you’re talking about meals, or deserts or just a really expensive bite to eat, you’ll be able to find them on this list. Check out 10 of the most expensive foods in the world and where you can go to get them.

The Luxury Pizza, $1,000

This tasty dish sells for about $125 a slice at Nino’s Bellissima in Manhattan. This pizza needs to be ordered 24 hours in advance and includes numerous kinds of caviar as well as lobster, creme fraiche, and chives all on a thin crust.

The Glamburger, $1,770

In London, England, ‘Honky Tonk’ is the restaurant that specializes in American food, though clearly this is a bit pricier version of that kind of food. Among the ingredients are Kobe Wagyu beef and New Zealand lamb for the meat. It’s seasoned with Himalayan salt and uses black truffle brie. In other words the restaurant went out and found the most expensive ingredients possible.

Von Essen Platinum Club Sandwich, $197

The Cliveden House Hotel in London offers this sandwich that uses Iberico ham, real quail eggs, and semi-dried Italian tomatoes. All of this is combined with white truffles and put on sourdough bread that was left to ferment for 24 hours.

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Almas Caviar, $17,250 Per Pound

This caviar comes from a very special fish that can grow quite large and quite old. This comes from the albino beluga sturgeon and it is usually found in Iran. The rareness of the fish is the reason for the price.

Densuke Black Watermelon, $3000-$6000

These rare watermelons come from the Hokkaido region of Japan and are generally auctioned off for about $3,000-$6,000 a piece.

Louis XIII Pizza, $12,000

Pizza by Renato Viola is expensive not just because the food itself is fancy. It’s made by an elite catering team that brings it to your house on limited edition dishes and uses limited edition silverware.

As for the actual pizza, the dough is made 72 hours in advance, the ingredients include Australian pink salt and several types of champagne-soaked black caviar, the cheese covering is organic buffalo mozzarella and the pizza includes Norwegian lobster that’s been marinated in cognac.

Fugu, $280

Otherwise known as Puffer Fish, this dish has to be very carefully made because the fish has a kind of toxin that can make people sick, or even die if consumed enough. The special way in which the dish has to be made is why this is so expensive. The fish itself is also quite rare.

The ‘Not-So-Poor Man’s Pizza’, $2,400

Margo’s Pizzeria in Malta requires this pizza to be ordered a week in advance. Among other ingredients, this is topped with white truffles and gold leaf. While the price is rather high, the restaurant says whenever someone orders this, most of the cost of the pizza goes to charity.

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Golden Opulence Sundae, $1,000

This sweet treat is offered at two Serendipities restaurants in New York and Las Vegas. This uses the most expensive kind of chocolate, the most expensive kind of vanilla flavoring and some super sugared fruits that are hard to find. And then of course there’s the real gold leaf.

The Zillion Dollar Lobster Frittata, $1,000

When you go to Norma’s in New York you can order this dish which includes a normal six egg fritata, as well as 10 oz of sevurga caviar which is $65 per oz. This is piled on top of a pound of real lobster.

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