Babies are one of the most precious things in the world. They’re a small human being that can mold in any way you choose, shape its life, its future and how it will behave. Most of the time when you plan to have a baby, you only really plan for one. Having twins or even triplets are a bonus, to some anyway. Well, we’ve found ten different sets of babies and the adorable outfits they’re wearing, and have included them in our list below. So if you know someone with twins, triplets or even quadruplets, check out our list and maybe buy one of these adorable outfits!

Copy And Paste

We can tell that these babies’ parents love to “copy and paste”.

Buy One

Nowadays you can buy practically anything and get another for free, even babies apparently.

Who Did It?

Seems like it’s 2 against 1 little man.


We wonder who the computer geek is.

Ice Cream

We all scream for ice cream.


It would be even cuter if their arms were positioned as if they were playing the guitar.

Identical Tiwns?

Obviously their parents didn’t want to be asked a million times if they were identical, but you’d think it would be obvious if one is a girl and the other is a boy.


Is that what the parents said when they found out they were having triplets?

The Things

Well looks like Cat in the Hat has another Thing.

One Planned

Most of the time triplets aren’t planned.

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