A recent study showed that human beings are inherently lazy, and that the trait is very much in our nature. This has a lot to do with our genetics and up bringing as well, but there is no doubt about it, we simply hate moving our butts when it isn’t necessary. A lot of people fight laziness and procrastination on a daily basis, but it is quite an uphill battle, much like walking uphill. People have begun to get quite creative in their attempts to finish a given task, and this list features 10 hilarious times when people have gotten creative with their laziness.

Wipe When Necessary

Who need an entire windshield to be clean, when the necessary bits can be cleared out when required!

Don’t Open Until Xmas

This door stop serves the purpose without even exiting the packaging.

Special Delivery

Who needs toppings on pizzas when you can just throw them on whenever you want!

A Complete Set

A chair is over rated, especially if the box of a chair can serve the same purpose.

Video Game Addiction

This is the poster to show the world exactly how addictive video games can be.

Walking The Dog

This owner has to walk the dog, but no one said anything about him walking himself.

Summer Skills

When summer comes around, and you feel extremely hot and sticky, a new set of skills need to be pulled out in order to retain your laziness.

Everyone Needs One Of These

A popular product that will encourage the lazy person inside each of us.

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One Flight Of Stairs Too Many

Walking down one flight of stairs was clearly just too much for this person. He would much rather put his vacuum cleaner to work.

Strolling Along

This mother is setting an absolutely fantastic example for her child.

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