When it comes to sexuality, a lot of men are considered either a boob or a butt man, but there is really nothing wrong with being both. The female butt – and even the male butt – is often considered a very desirable, sexual trait on a partner who we’re trying to woo. Most people just enjoy looking or occasionally allowing a little spank between their partner. However, did you know the average human being actually farts between 13 and 20 times per day? It really doesn’t matter what you look like on the outside. Here are ten insane butt facts that will bump you ahead.

Scaptia Beyonceae

A horse fly was named Scaptia Beyonceae by scientists after Beyonce, all thanks to the golden butt on the fly that resembled the famous singer wearing a golden dress.

Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez, the well-known actress and singer, has denied claims on multiple occasions that her butt is insured for $1 billion.

Fatty Tissue

Men and women who tend to have more fat on their hips, butt, and thighs tend to have a lower risk of receiving diabetes or heart disease.

Fitzroy River Turtle

Some specimens within the animal kingdom, such as the Fitzroy River Turtle, will actually breathe through their butts. Large, aquatic manatee tend to swim by farting in the water.


Women who have a large butt tend to be more intelligent than those with a smaller butt. That big rear-end tends to store more omega-3 fatty acids, which help promote brain growth.



According to recent studies, women enjoy being complimented on their butts more than any other part of their body – by close friends and a significant other, of course.

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Sadly, the word ‘twerk’ is actually recognized by the Oxford Dictionary now. The definition reveals it as a popular dance in a sexually provocative manner.

Gluteus Maximus

The butt, which is known as the Gluteus Maximus in scientific circles, is the biggest muscle in the entire body.

Kim Kardashian

Despite what many people think, Kim Kardashian doesn’t actually have implants in her butt. She proved this by receiving an x-ray of the area.


Children who are born to women with big butts tend to be a lot smarter than those born to a woman who has a smaller butt.



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